Saving Lives for Over 70 Years

“I have an obligation to protect and safeguard the lives and well-being of civilians and everyone under my command. That’s why I trust Orolia to help me fulfill that duty of care.”

– Military Official

Military Beacons for Personnel Recovery

Ideal for mission-critical and Special Forces operations

For over 70 years, Orolia, through its SARBE military brand has been at the forefront of military search and rescue technology with a portfolio of military-grade beacons, transmitters and combat search and rescue solutions. The SARBE range of products is in Tri-Force user on every continent for peacetime and combat needs, essential parts of military flight operations and used by fast jet, rotary and transport air crew around the world. These military-grade beacons are also used by armed forces and special forces personnel in hazardous, dangerous conditions to ensure accurate location and critical communications for fast recovery.

Military organizations globally whether Air Force, Army, Coast Guard or Navy trust Orolia for its broad, robust and highly-secure solution portfolio which includes military-grade products and systems tailored to the specific needs of military organizations and armed forces.

For tomorrow, we are developing new, innovative and highly secure military solutions that incorporate the entire Orolia ecosystem – from distress beacons to secure satellite connectivity to mission control and rescue response coordination to assured mounted and dismounted PNT – all with Orolia technology at its core.

Have confidence that your military safety products are backed by the global leader in resilient emergency readiness and response with over 150 years of combined experience – 70 years specific to the military.

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