6-406G Personal Locator Beacon



The direct replacement for the popular SARBE 6 in production since the 1970s. Primarily used by Pilots and Aircrew, the SARBE 6-406G is also used widely within maritime and land environments giving personnel the ability to send a distress alert from anywhere on the earths surface.

Significant advancements in Personal Locator Beacon technology ensures that alerts now contain accurate identity and location information ensuring the correct authority can quickly be informed of the distress alert and subsequently make well informed and timely decisions on the rescue mission requirements.


  • Cospas-Sarsat approved
  • 406MHz global alerting
  • 121.5MHz and 243MHz local homing
  • Remote Antenna options
  • Automatic Activation
  • Integrated GPS
  • Waterproof
  • Two way speech
  • Robust construction
  • Multi direction 'G' Switch activation option


SARBE 60496G datasheet

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